What Steels Do You Use?

I generally prefer carbon steels to stainless steels because they often perform better, but the steel that is best for a knife depends on how it will be used. I often use 1080, 1095, 5160, 52100, or W2 carbon steel, and will use D2, CPM 154CM, AEB-L, and various other stainless steels when more corrosion resistance is needed. I also make damascus blades when I think I have a particularly good idea, and have a stock of my own damascus that I made with a friend’s equipment. I heat treat all of my carbon steel blades in a digitally controlled kiln, and send most of my stainless to Peter’s for professional attention.

Can I Order a Knife?

Short answer: No. I used to take orders, but I got so backed up that knife making became work rather than fun, and I was making a lot of knives I wasn’t really that interested in. If you’d like a knife of mine, let me know and I’ll put you on the email list. I’ll usually only send out an email to those on the list when I’ve got a knife for sale, and I’ll wait awhile before I post it for sale on the various forums to give the list members a head start. If you’ve got an idea for a knife, let me know. If it’s something I’m interested in making, I’ll make sure you get a chance at it if I end up making one.

Do You Make Your Own Blades?

I make all of my own blades, starting with a bar of steel. Essentially, I saw or grind away everything that isn’t a knife, heat treat it properly according to what kind of steel it is, polish by hand, and attach handles and any other fittings. I occasionally forge blades, but I mostly do stock removal.

How Do I Get One of Your Knives?

The easiest way is to get on the email list, which will give you a head start over the general internet populace. Otherwise, I post them on various knife forums and hunting forums. If any are available for sale, the will be posted on this website.

Do Your Knives Carry a Guarantee?

Yes. All my knives are warranted against failures under normal use conditions. Normal use conditions do not include abuse, complete effing idiocy, or use as a prybar or screwdriver. If you break the tip off of one of my blades because you did use it as a prybar or screwdriver or are an effing idiot, I’ll fix it to the extent fixing is possible, but it won’t be for free. The natural expansion or contraction of certain natural handle materials, especially bone, horn, or antler, is also not covered.

Knives Come With Sheaths?

All of my knives come with a sheath made by me or my wife from vegetable tanned leather unless otherwise specified. Sometimes I do tooling, sometimes inlays of snakeskin or something else, and sometimes I leave them plain. It depends on the knife they’re going with and what I think will look best. You can assume the price of the sheath is included in the price of the knife unless stated otherwise.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

We will ship as fast as we can; the rest is up to the carrier. Items are often delivered the next day for folks in Texas. If you live in far western Queensland, it’ll take a bit longer. Of course, you live in far western Queensland you already know that.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! We are happy to ship internationally, but for items shipped outside of the US or Canada there will be a $20 international shipping surcharge in addition to the regular shipping amount to cover the incremental increase in costs.

Why is shipping so much?

I only ship UPS insured and that’s expensive. I used to use our distinguished postal service until they lost an engraved knife for a collector in the British Isles and I had to eat the cost. It is worth it to make sure that your investment arrives on your belt loop.